KCF Technologies Named Machine Health Partner of Keystone Clearwater Solutions

February 8, 2023

State College, PA: Keystone Clearwater Solutions and KCF Technologies, a leading provider of machine health optimization platforms, today announced KCF will be the machine health platform provider for the systemwide optimization of Keystone Clearwater’s critical machine assets.

KCF Technologies will connect all of Keystone Clearwater’s critical pumps and motors to their machine health platform using wired and wireless vibration sensors. The machine health solution will provide peripheral system monitoring, bearing failure avoidance, cavitation reduction, engine monitoring, valve monitoring, and system optimization.

In Q4 2022, Keystone Clearwater was among the first water management and water transfer companies to deploy KCF’s new MachineIQ solution for pumps. MachineIQ monitors assets and makes recommendations to solve identified faults, turning data insights into action through integrated workflows.

Keystone Clearwater’s CEO, Tom Stabley, noted, “We strive to be on the leading edge of automation, efficiency, and performance. Our partnership with KCF Technologies allows us to remotely monitor our critical equipment at customer locations 24/7, optimize performance, and extend our equipment’s life. The result is providing our operators the highest quality service and reliability.”

KCF Technologies’ machine health monitoring solutions have collectively saved partners an estimated $3.4B in documented savings. This year alone, KCF expects to save their customers nearly 24,000 hours of unplanned downtime through the use of their enterprise software, highly engineered Industrial “internet of things” (IoT) devices, and high-touch engineering. KCF has decades of experience that provide users a deep understanding of asset performance and machine health.

“We are excited to further our relationship with Keystone Clearwater and have them be an early adopter of our latest analytics, MachineIQ. Together, we expect to drive the overall performance of their machine assets and system optimization,” said Dr. Jeremy Frank, CEO of KCF Technologies.


About KCF Technologies:
KCF is on a mission to permanently solve the complex asset problems that have plagued industry.  Our team develops technology and services that empower industrial businesses to eliminate unplanned downtime, optimize their operations, and outpace their competition.  For more information on KCF’s Full Machine Health Platform, visit www.kcftech.com.

About Keystone Clearwater Solutions:
Keystone Clearwater Solutions provides customized water and wastewater management solutions, including water transfer services, bypass pumping, temporary pipeline construction, storage, filtration, and trucking services to natural gas, municipal, and industrial customers throughout the Eastern United States.