Water Transfer Services

Keystone offers turnkey management for all facets complex water management projects for natural gas production and completions operations, including design and engineering, site analysis, water sourcing, installation, quality assurance inspection, hydrostatic testing, and operations and maintenance.

Keystone can engineer solutions to challenging transfer operations such as extreme terrain, long-range pumping distances, high total dynamic head conditions, high pressure zones, and high velocity pumping.

Keystone is managed by an experienced team of field operation specialists and engineers who understand the regulatory environment within which they operate and can execute all transfer projects in compliance and in an environmentally safe way.

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Water Transfer Services

Keystone will supply, install, operate and remove all necessary manifold systems, piping, pumps, containment, controls, filtration equipment, winterization equipment, pigging system, and related equipment as required to provide turn-key water and wastewater management in support of hydraulic fracturing operations according to client preferences and overall site conditions and layout.

In conjunction with Water Transfer Services, Keystone can provide replenishment transfer support from an off-pad source to meet daily water transfer requirements. Replenishment and transfer flows may vary, depending upon project requirements, elevation changes, pipe sizes, transfer distance, and pump selection.

Design & Set-Up

Prior to the commencement of mobilization, Keystone Clearwater will develop a Piping & Instrumentation Drawing (P&ID) for each water transfer set-up, which illustrates the complete pump, piping, and valve set-up at each location. Keystone has developed this customized design service for its customers in order to maintain Keystone’s Quality Assurance Program and Safe-Operating requirements.

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A typical mobilization effort will include the installation of between 500 and 1,000 lineal feet of HDPE piping or lay-flat hose, laid from a water storage location to the well pad overland across an approved and accessible route. Keystone’s effort will include all labor necessary to operate and maintain the pumping and piping systems being managed by Keystone in support of the hydraulic fracturing of the well.


During Water Transfer Operations, Keystone’s experienced operations managers, supervisors, and water-support technicians will be on-site and maintain customer communication to operate and manage the delivery of critical water management services in support of the water transfer operation. This effort will include pump watch activities and redundant pumps sufficient to complete the job and meet prescribed requirements. Keystone is dedicated to high level reporting and provides detailed reports to clients daily.


As appropriate in winter season, Keystone will also provide any requisite winterization of the pumps, piping and working tank manifolds in advance of and during the hydraulic fracturing process. Keystone is experienced in maintaining consistent water flow in sub-freezing conditions and has extensive experience with pigging pipeline systems. Keystone has well-established SOPs for winter conditions and will work with its clients to determine best-practices for water transfer winterization.

Water Filtration & Screening

Keystone will supply and operate up to 100 barrel-per-minute portable water strainer units and bag filters to assure delivery of debris-free water to support each water transfer. Keystone’s technical staff is experienced in various water filtration and screening techniques and will work with your water management team to meet the needs of a particular set-up.

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