Wastewater Recycling


We take inbound deliveries of high total dissolved solids fluids (HTDSF) and process it at our HydroRecovery facility in Burgettstown, PA for reuse and recycling. By recycling produced water, this greatly reduces the volumes of freshwater withdrawn, thus benefiting the environment. Customers with longer term contracts both dispose of HTDSF and take away hydraulic stimulation fluid to reuse in fracking operations.

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We offer a disposal-only option where customers can deliver HTDSF directly to our HydroRecovery facility in Burgettstown, PA and dispose of it for a fee. There is no storage commitment or obligation to take away any treated water.

Wastewater Storage

We can also provide storage of wastewater using above ground storage tanks. We can provide storage onsite or offsite, transferring the water by truck or pipeline to a holding area. We have tanks and impoundments available from 500 to 57,000 barrels and can provide full-service installation, monitoring, and operations.