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Roustabouts: On-Demand Professional Field Services for Oil and Gas

May 24, 2024

Roustabouts are the backbone of shale oil and gas extraction. Nationally, an estimated 43,000 men and women are employed as these manual laborers, concentrating in the mining, oil and gas, and utility construction industries. Roustabouts are an integral part of the success of Keystone Clearwater Solutions. What do roustabouts do? Working outdoors in all weather...

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Recycle, Reuse & Reduce Produced Water

May 02, 2024

Shale oil and gas extraction requires a significant amount of water, about 4 million gallons per well. During the process, high-salinity water is produced in large quantities, also known as “produced water.” It can range in salinity from brackish to saline to brine and includes other contaminants, making it challenging to reuse for potable consumption....

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Bringing Advanced Water Transfer Automation from Appalachia to the Permian Basin

April 02, 2024

Spanning western Texas and eastern New Mexico, the Permian Basin and Delaware Basin are the largest natural oil producing basins in the United States. According to Forbes, these basins are the “King of Shale Oil”, producing almost half of the US supply. The Appalachia Basin, which spans Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, is the largest...

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An Overview of Communication Options in Water Transfer Automation

February 06, 2024

In the dynamic realm of water transfer operations, selecting the right communication network is pivotal for efficiency, safety, and overall success. Each option brings unique security benefits and addresses the challenges of operating in remote locations. When selecting a water transfer automation and control system, it’s critical to choose a communications solution that can be...

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Benefits of Automation in Shale Water Management

December 13, 2023

Reduce manpower, improve safety, decrease costs, improve efficiency, maintain compliance Shale gas extraction relies on a large amount of water and manpower during the process. Effective water management is vital not only to preserve this precious resource but also to keep costs down and workers safe, all while adhering to environmental regulations. Recent labor shortages...

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A Guide to Common Erosion and Sedimentation (E&S) Controls

November 16, 2023

What are E&S controls? E&S controls are measures that prevent soil from eroding and sedimentation from damaging the environment. Soil may be eroded, or worn away, by a natural action (such as water or wind), a chemical action, or human interaction. Often, sedimentation builds up and causes pollution as a result. Erosion and sedimentation that...

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From Environmental Consulting and Engineering to Water Transfer Services, and Beyond

March 15, 2023

In 2009, Keystone Clearwater Solutions was founded with a vision to provide water treatment services for the natural gas industry in the Marcellus shale region, as the industry was in its infancy, driven by innovation in horizontal directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing technological advancement.  The Company was founded by principals of the ARM Group, based...

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Keystone Clearwater’s New General Construction Services Is a Boon for Natural Gas Operators

February 15, 2023

Since 2009, Keystone Clearwater Solutions has been providing water and wastewater management services in the Appalachian Basin. Recently, we launched a general construction services division, expanding our capabilities in the general construction arena, particularly beneficial for natural gas operators in the region. Now, Keystone Clearwater can provide turnkey services, from site preparation through well completion,...

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Water Transfer Automation Reduces Costs, Improves Performance

October 13, 2022

WaterForce: Water Transfer Automation Reduces Costs, Improves Performance WaterForce, Keystone Clearwater Solutions’ proprietary water transfer automation system, can reduce costs, improve efficiency and reliability, and enhance safety and communications. With sites located in remote areas, often miles from water sources, automation helps ease challenges such as workforce shortages, regulatory compliance, and performance and safety issues....

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