May 24, 2024

Roustabouts: On-Demand Professional Field Services for Oil and Gas

Roustabouts are the backbone of shale oil and gas extraction. Nationally, an estimated 43,000 men and women are employed as these manual laborers, concentrating in the mining, oil and gas, and utility construction industries. Roustabouts are an integral part of the success of Keystone Clearwater Solutions.

What do roustabouts do?

Working outdoors in all weather conditions, roustabouts perform a range of tasks to ensure safe and consistent oil and gas operations. These include maintaining and repairing tools and equipment, rigging, excavating, keeping the worksite clean, and operating heavy equipment.

What knowledge, skills, and experience do roustabouts need?
With such physically demanding work, roustabouts need to be physically strong and have a good deal of stamina. Manual dexterity and mechanical aptitude are necessary, too, for operating, repairing, and maintaining equipment, using tools, and rigging.

Roustabouts need to be able to think on their feet and make good decisions, so employers look for good time management skills and attention to detail. Ideally, roustabouts are resilient and are able to persevere through challenging conditions in all kinds of weather. Because roustabouts work closely with a variety of other roles on the jobsite, good communication is key to maintaining safety and efficiency.

On-the-job training is typically provided for this entry-level job. Most employers also require roustabouts to hold a CDL Class A license and hazmat and tanker endorsements. Forklift certification may be required, too.

Rig-up Training
At Keystone Clearwater Solutions, training is important, for new hires as well as legacy employees. In our yard in Triadelphia, West Virginia, we have a training station where we instruct our team on tool identification and proper usage, rig-up/rig-down procedures, pump operations, truck spotting, and other important safety topics.









Roustabouts keep the work moving on what can dangerous oil and shale sites, so a commitment to safety is vital. In addition to ensuring our employees are trained and certified to handle rigorous tasks required for dynamic projects in the drilling, completion, and production phases of well development, Keystone Clearwater Solutions roustabouts are trained to meet or exceed all safety standards.

Roustabouts help us keep moving water forward
Our roustabouts provide a variety of services for our oil and gas customers. These include:

  • Hydrovac
  • Cellar, upright, frac tank, AST, gas busters, Sandex, potholing, and culvert clean outs
  • Containment services – installation & repair
  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Equipment rig-up and rig-down
  • Winterization
  • Groundwork and pad repair
  • Truck spotting
  • Waste removal and restoration
  • Snow removal and brush removal
  • Pressure washing
  • Grounding
  • Fueling

Since 2008, Keystone Clearwater Solutions has provided water transfer and management solutions for the oil and gas industry. With an experienced workforce of more than 700 and a full range of equipment and services, we serve the Mid-Atlantic region and Texas.

Keystone Clearwater Solutions companies include strategic partner Hydro Recovery LP, our FieldForce Equipment Sales, Services, & Rental division, and strategic partner, Coral Reef Partners solar solutions.