Water System Operations & Maintenance

Enhanced water management services for natural gas development sites in Pennsylvania (PA)

Beginning in 2014, Keystone Clearwater was engaged to install operate and maintain the water infrastructure supporting the Seneca Resources Clermont development area, where Seneca Resources has been developing a network of natural gas wells in Elk, Cameron, and McKean Counties in Pennsylvania. The network of permanent and temporary pipelines includes the operation and maintenance of over 40 temporary water infrastructure installations, miles of permanent fresh water pipelines, temporary water storage facilities for water recycling, and all on-pad water management systems used for the development of natural gas.

Over time, Keystone Clearwater has built out the water network including installation of the temporary piping system, deployment of temporary and permanent pumping systems, and management & logistics of all water moving throughout the water system.  The network allows Keystone to employ a crew of more than 40 employees throughout the region with long-term employment, supporting the clean and certified natural gas program of Seneca Resources and its subsidiary, Highland Field Services.

Water transfer expertise results in WaterForce automation system.

In recent years, Keystone Clearwater has developed a proprietary, automated water management system called WaterForce, which has been deployed to the pump stations and pipeline infrastructure to allow remote operations, telemetry, and data analytics, in turn providing real-time visibility to the entire water system.  Our WaterForce automation system has advanced the operating management of the system and improved environmental and regulatory performance, allowing enhanced reporting and rapid incident response capabilities.

Every day, Keystone Clearwater’s teams of professionals conduct inspections of this water infrastructure to ensure the system meets operating standards and regulatory requirements, pursuant to Pennsylvania’s Chapter 78 regulations for management of temporary water systems.  Inspections are performed by visiting each valve and pump station on a daily basis and documenting system condition and any deficiencies using a mobile app including GPS pinpoints connected to arc GIS.

On an annual basis, Keystone pumps millions of gallons of water through this system, Allowing Seneca resources to achieve its water management goals including successful reuse and recycling practices for safe and environmentally responsible management of water resources.

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