Keystone Clearwater Solutions Announces Expansion of Automated Water Transfer Services to Permian Basin

December 18, 2023

Hershey, PA:  Keystone Clearwater Solutions is bringing its extensive experience as a leading provider of automated water transfer services in the Appalachian Basin to West Texas. The company announced that it has established a Permian Basin Business Unit in Odessa. Keystone Clearwater began its first water transfer projects in Texas in early December.

“Since 2009, Pennsylvania has grown to become the one of the two largest exporters of natural gas in the country, second only to Texas. During that period, Keystone Clearwater Solutions has honed its knowledge and expertise to become a leading automated water transfer and management company in the Marcellus Basin,” said Tom Stabley, Chief Executive Officer of Keystone Clearwater Solutions. “Now, we are expanding to support the oil and gas industry in West Texas.”

Automation will play a prominent role in all of the company’s Texas operations. Shale gas extraction relies on a large amount of water and manpower during the process. Automation reduces the number of workers in hazardous areas, increasing safety and cutting costs. It also improves efficiency and system performance, helps to maintain regulatory compliance, and enables more precise shale water management.

As the first company in the Marcellus/Utica Basin to execute a completely autonomous water transfer system on a customer’s completion job, Keystone Clearwater has been on the forefront of automation in shale gas water management. WaterForce®, the company’s proprietary automation and control system, has an industrial-grade SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system custom-built by the company’s in-house programmers. New features continue to be added. WaterForce also includes robust cybersecurity, localized logic control, and a range of communication options including satellite, mesh radio, fiber optics, and cellular, and the web-based WaterView Realtime Reporting Dashboard and Data Analytics Suite. Trained Field Technicians support operations around-the-clock.

Keystone Clearwater’s on-staff engineers and automation technicians customize unique SCADA control scenarios for each water transfer system in support of clean, natural gas development. With the scarcity of water available in Texas, automation is instrumental in lessening environmental impacts.

The Keystone Clearwater Solutions’ Permian Basin Business Unit is headquartered at 5269 W 42nd Street, Odessa, TX 79764. Samantha Hubbard, a West Texas oil and gas industry veteran, has been tapped to lead the company’s business development efforts for its Texas business unit.

About Keystone Clearwater Solutions

Keystone Clearwater Solutions provides automated water and wastewater management solutions to oil and natural gas customers in the Marcellus, Utica, and Permian Basins. The company’s FieldForce division provides equipment and pumping solutions for the municipal, construction, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. The company is headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania with locations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Texas.

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