Realtime Reporting Dashboard and Data Analytics Suite

WarerViewWaterView is primarily comprised of a customer-facing and an internal management-facing analytics dashboard.

The customer dashboard is a secure web-based portal where operators can log in to visualize their project’s data and glean analytical insight into water operations. The standard portal displays relevant information from the job site. In the near future, the dashboard will not only automate water transfer daily reports but will also give the end user additional flexibility to query and export real-time and historical reporting data.

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Visualizations available in Release V1.2:

  • Total available water on site
  • Individual tank drill-down view
  • Tank level trending
  • Flow rates
  • Pressure readings at pumps
  • Line & ambient temperature
  • Pump status

Coming Soon...

  • Predictive MaintenanceMachine Learning capabilities for predictive maintenance on automated pumps, valves, sensors, and equipment.
  • Leveraging the latest technology in machine learning, WaterForce’s internal management-facing dashboard will soon be equipped with predictive maintenance and device health monitoring for its automated systems, enabling Keystone operators, managers, and mechanics with meaningful information to predict tank level trends and flow trends as well as component failure in order to prevent customer downtime and reduce equipment failure risk.