February 06, 2024

An Overview of Communication Options in Water Transfer Automation

In the dynamic realm of water transfer operations, selecting the right communication network is pivotal for efficiency, safety, and overall success. Each option brings unique security benefits and addresses the challenges of operating in remote locations. When selecting a water transfer automation and control system, it’s critical to choose a communications solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of your site.

Dual cellular SIM
A robust choice for redundancy and reliability, the dual cellular SIM configuration ensures uninterrupted communication by seamlessly switching between two cellular networks. This not only enhances operational continuity in challenging environments but also mitigates the risk of network failures, offering a secure and reliable communication channel even in areas with weak signals. The high data transfer rates enable swift communication between field devices and the water transfer automation control center, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Mesh radio
A mesh radio network uses radio nodes to provide reliable and secure communication. Mesh radio has a self-healing capability, forming interconnected networks that ensure operational continuity even if individual nodes face difficulties. This flexibility and adaptability make mesh radio an ideal choice for challenging environments. From a security standpoint, the self-healing feature adds resilience against disruptions of the water transfer automation system.

Fiber optics
Fiber optics transmit information swiftly and securely by sending pulses of light through a fiber optic cable at speeds of up to 100 Gbps over long distances, making it ideal for connecting the often remote sites of a shale gas operation.  The low latency ensures a timely response to critical events, while the robust nature of fiber optics minimizes signal loss, enhancing the water transfer automation system’s reliability. Another benefit of this communication option is its immunity to electromagnetic interference, providing protection to the transmitted data.

Satellite networks
Satellite networks provide connectivity in the most remote locations where fiber optics and cellular communications are not available. Not always as reliable as cellular connections but they provide an excellent options when other options are not available.

The WaterForce difference
Our system was designed to use one communication method or all of them on a single job mixing and matching as needed. Keystone Clearwater is able to tailor communication solutions for every location and project with the ability to add redundancy of connections.

 Keystone Clearwater Solutions’ WaterForce Automation and Control System was custom designed for the unique water transfer and management needs of shale oil and gas operations. It was the first water transfer automation system in the Marcellus Basin to complete a fully autonomous water transfer on a well completion.

Designed to meet the demands of operating in remote conditions and extreme terrain, WaterForce enables comprehensive water control via a command trailer, connecting to customized automated equipment for each operation. Utilizing a range of communication options, WaterForce enables real-time monitoring of flow rates, tank levels, and pressures as well as remote control to improve efficiency and productivity.

Choosing the best communication method relies on a strategic consideration of each option’s unique strengths, whether prioritizing redundancy, self-healing capabilities, secure data transmission, or extensive reach. The Keystone Clearwater Solutions team can design a water transfer automation and control system that suits your specific water transfer needs.

Keystone Clearwater Solutions
With an experienced workforce and a full range of equipment and services, including WaterForce automation, Keystone Clearwater Solutions has the assets to serve the water management needs of oil and gas operators in the Mid-Atlantic region and Texas. Contact us today for details.

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