Tanks & Water Storage

Water Storage — where and when you need it, and fast

FieldForce™ Equipment Sales & Rental provides customized water storage solutions for any type of water transfer project. Keystone Clearwater can provide mobile water tanks or temporary above-ground impoundments to meet your needs depending on the unique situation and storage requirements.

Keystone’ Clearwater’s management has gained extensive experience through operations and has thoroughly vetted a wide variety of storage solutions. The products offered by Keystone Clearwater to meet your water storage needs are best-in-class products, engineered for quick delivery, installation, use, and removal.

Contact Keystone Clearwater today to discuss your water storage needs. Keystone Clearwater can evaluate storage options, conduct feasibility studies, and help you reach the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

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Water Tanks

Keystone Clearwater maintains a fleet of 500-barrel portable water tanks, ready for deployment to its customers. Keystone Clearwater’s 500-barrel storage tanks are manufactured with continuous corrugated walls and “V-Bottom” floors for fast and easy clean out. The long walls are made from continuous 40-foot sheets of steel that require fewer weld joints than competitive tanks, thus increasing strength and durability. This feature greatly reduces the potential for leaks, cracks, and hidden corrosion.

Keystone Clearwater’s water tanks are manufactured by ETC of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Keystone Clearwater’s tanks are staged in strategic locations and available for deployment to service your need for fast and easy water storage. Please contact Keystone Clearwater to discuss your water storage needs.

Above-Ground Impoundments

Keystone Clearwater’s high-volume, portable above-ground tanks are the strongest in the industry. Designed to protect your land, your lease, and your reputation, Keystone’s abov-ground impoundment is a time-saving, environmentally responsible storage choice for hydraulic fracturing in shale plays.

Production companies, consultants, and water management companies choose Keystone Clearwater tanks for safe, reliable, and cost-effective water storage solutions that are minimally invasive and strong enough to support the conditions of the oil and gas industry.

Keystone Clearwater can provide various size offerings of above-ground impoundments, including 10,000-barrel, 20,000-barrel, and 40,000-barrel capacities.